Daily Plan: Thursday 27.08.09

August 27, 2009

Current Weight: 168.5
My Body’s Preferred Weight: 140
Gluten Free Since: July 2009
On the Wagon: 2 days (fell off while traveling. England has scones, people!)

Eating Options:
4T tuna salat
2  gf wasa crackers
3 slices tomato
cranberry juice (w/sweetners) and mineral water
gf oatmeal cchip cookie

1/2 c gf museli with 12 almonds
1/2 c vanilla yogurt
1 small banana
.5 L water
.5 L diet cola

palm-sized portion of roasted chicken
1 large thin-skinne potato
2t butter
2 T sour cream
carrots & red peppers
fruit salad: nectarines, bananas, grapes
2 pints water

chedddar cheese -or-

2 gf crackers with nutella and dried cherries
1 gf banana muffin and skim milk

Massive post-medication/late night insomnia binge: 4 gf oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, 2 sm gf banana muffins

Today’s Motion
15 min walk to/from skole
15 min bike to/from train station
30 min swimming
30 min bike to/from choir practice

Pain Management Plan:
 run digestive-support programs on microcurrent machine
nap if neccessary in afternoon


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