Daily Plan: Monday

August 31, 2009

It is day 4 of a PMS migraine and I am at my emotional end. Spent the morning sobbing. And I mean gut-wrenching scare-the-neighbors sobbing. It is MUCH harder to face the pain after it’s been on vacation for awhile. All the fear rises up and you really feel like it’s never going to stop ever, ever again.

But it does. It will.

So I took one of my precious $12 a tab Relpax, which I can’t take more than 3x a month without rebound migraine. I feel tired now, because all the blood vessels in my body have been chemically constricted. But I hurt less. It’s a start.

Monday’s Weight: 168.5 (same)
My Body’s Preferred Weight: 140
Gluten Free Since: July 2009
On the Wagon:  7 days (fell off while traveling. England has scones, people!)

Today’s Motion
20 minutes yoga to John Mayer tunes
two 15 minutes walks to and fro from school (30 min total)
(that’s all – did I mention the massive migraine?)

Pain Management Plan:
breathe, drink water, and hope for the best

Eating Options:
fried egg with cheddar cheese
herbal tea with skim milk and agave syrup

1 gf cracker with tuna salat
3/4 c (?) gf peach crisp

palm sized piece of steak
roasted vegetables (taters, carrots, red bells)
grilled eggplant

diet cola (don’t judge me, I can’t eat bread or sugar!)


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