Daily Plan: Tuesday

September 1, 2009

Day 5 0f PMS migraine. I woke up this morning without it and got all happy, but it was back by 10 and steadily building.

I had a long-distance intutitive healing session today with Leonie Allen. We worked on balancing out the energy in the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands. My pineal is all kinds of fucked up. My thyroid is worn down and pissed that it’s getting blamed for everything. Leonie asked me to “ask” my thyroid gland what it needs to feel better and blanced and immediately “MEAT” came to mind. Which I barely know how to cook. But okay. So be it.

I did manage to go to the gym and meet with a trainer to get a weight training program set up. I was very nervous because Danes are notoriously brusque, not shy about telling you you’re fat, and not usually very flexible. But my trainer, Jennette, totally “got” my medical situation and set me up with 3 leg exercises, 3 upper body exercises (but none that strain my neck), and 3 back/abs exercises. I can do the whole thing in 40 minutes, and she helped me set the weights quite low so I’m not uber sore the next day. (With chronic pain, if you make yourself sore in any one place, it can flare the pain in your chronic place. So sore gluts can mean a sore head.)

I finally got home, showered, ate meat. Now my pain level is hovering around a 5, and I’m going to try to get a bit of work done. Once it’s up at a 7 I’m toast. I’m hoping to write the *8 Things Posts for this month today. Then I have to think of something very easy to cook for dinner. Because by the time I walk to and from school to pick up Catie, my pain will be too high to follow a new recipe.

I’m trying to remember that even if I am not well enough to write, any work I do towards the book project “counts.” So my time on the phone with Neil this afternoon doing design work will still be a step in the “finishing” direction.


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