Emerging from the Flu

September 12, 2009

Last Monday I woke up, cheerfully went to the gym and did my weight training. (Felt great.) Came home. Threw up. It just went down hill from there.

Hello H1N1.

After a week on the couch where I felt so badly I DID NOT EVEN KNIT! (I know, shocking.) I’m finally feeling well enough to eat solids and putter around the house.

In the hopes that next Monday will find me headache and flu free, I’ve made my weekly workout, dinner and writing plan. I feel hopeful.

Current Weight: 165.5 (down from 168.5)
My Body’s Preferred Weight: 140
Days Gluten Free: Loads (I’m back on the wagon nice and solid now.)

Next week’s workout plan:
30 minutes of swimming/45 minutes of weight M/W/F
30 minutes early morning walk Tues
45 min yoga Thurs/Sat

Dinner Menu:
Tonight: Chicken Pad Thai
Sunday: lamb and cucumber salad
Monday: sloppy joes (cooking with Eden)
Tuesday: leftovers or white bean and spinach salad
Wednesday: corn pasta with white sauce (cooking with Cate)
Thursday: grilled cheese and tomato soup for fam, leftover pasta for me


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