Day One: Flu Recovery Week

September 14, 2009

Eden is sick now and doesn’t feel comfortable staying at home without me, so no gym. But I did manage a 25 minute walk with the dog (Eden called midway through to touch base.) And I did 45 minutes of yoga.

I also noticed that I wasn’t as hungry while I was sick. I know part of this was the flu itself and the sore throat, but I also think it had to do with the copious amounts of fluids. So I’m trying to take from that lesson anddrink more water, watered down juice, and tea. I don’t like many kinds of tea, and sadly am not especially fond of green tea, which I know is super good for you. But I do like roiboois and have been drinking that with honey or agave instead of sugar.

Tonight we are having ground lamb and cucumber salad for dinner. I’m getting used not having bread at meals. I might try to make quinoa. Last time I made it it came out very soggy. 😦


One Response to “Day One: Flu Recovery Week”

  1. Jen said

    Your workout schedule is impressive Rachelle, really. So is your menu. I noticed the same with fluids and have my special pitcher I fill with 8 glasses of water in the AM. Helps me remember. 🙂

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