Daily Plan: Tuesday

September 22, 2009

Fell off the GF bandwagon this weekend. Two parties in a row proved tempting and I ate a piece a bday cake and a piece of cornbread. Regretting it now. Feeling bloated. Also massive headache, but I can feel that this is because I carried the groceries home (instead of biking) and threw out my neck. Trying to decided if I should press to and go to the gym, in the hopes that the pool will release my neck. Or stay home and ice/heat instead. Leaning towards the gym.

Went to the health food store yesterday and bought GF pancake mix. The recipe in my GF cookbook makes hockey pucks. The mix is good, but expensive — 40dkk, or $8 and it’s not even enough for 4 people. I hate making separate meals but when it comes to pancakes once in awhile I’ll make the kids regular pancakes and make myself the GF mix. (We aren’t eating pancakes as much as we used to.)

Still no weight loss which I find super strange as I am working out everyday and not eating b read, sugar, or much dairy. Well, I shouldn’t say no weight loss. I’ve lost two pounds, but this is since the first of August. Clearly my thyroid is screwed or something, but nothing shows up on the tests and I don’t know what else to do. I have an appointment with a medical intuitive in a few weeks. Maybe she will turn up something new. (Yes, these are the extremes I have come to.)

On the plus side, since recovering from the flu I’ve been relatively pain free. This is the first mondo headache I’ve had in awhile — most have just been low grade and only at night. My energy level continues to be stable. I do have to take a 45min nap some afternoons to stave off the headache but that is SO much better than the “in bed most of the day” thing of last Winter that I am encouraged. I switched doctors last week, so in another week I’ll get my CPR (Danish national health insurance) card and I’ll see a doc who speaks English! Woot! She’ll do a blood draw and I’ll be able to check my iron and blood sugar levels.

Well, that’s the update. Off to pack my panniers with my swim togs.


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