Exercise Is Health

October 15, 2009

Last night my hubs asked me if I wouldn’t get more done if I didn’t Twitter or Facebook.

No. That’s not what takes so much time. It’s the exercise.

If you looked at this pudgy gal (5ft 3in, 167lbs) you wouldn’t think she exercises as much as she does. But I do. Every day. Most chronic pain patients do have to commit quite a bit of time to exercise. Not because we work out more or harder than other people. Precisely the opposite. We have to work out slower and less. The cardio and muscle strength advantage a pain-free person can get in a half hour run takes us much longer to accumulate. We take slow walks. We swim. We do water aerobics with the old ladies. We avoid Power Yoga and do the gentler version.

And if we don’t. We get stiff. We get sicker. So, while Twitter and Facebook are a 20 minute pause in my work twice times a day, exercise is a one to two hour process.

For the most part, I’ve ceased to resist that reality. Sure, every once in a while there is still a day where my Gremlins start saying “Do you REALLY have TIME for this.” But I do. I must.

Heres is my routine for the week. I plan to exercise everyday and usually flub up on the weekends.

Monday: 3o minute walk, 45 minutes yoga
Tuesday: 60 hour walk, 10 minutes Pilates
Wednesday: 30 minute walk, 45 minutes swimming (plus 30 minute travel time to/from gym)
Thursday: 60 minute walk, 10 minutes Pilates
Friday: 30 minute walk, 45 minutes swimming (plus travel time to/from gym)
Saturday: 30 minute walk, 30 minutes swimming (plus travel time to/from gym)
Sunday: 45 minutes yoga

(In addition to this, I don’t have a car. So there is the walking and biking that is involved in urban commuting in Copenhagen. Which helps with the exercise thing, but not so much with the efficiency. Still, I LOVE not having a car. I wouldn’t have that any other way.

Does that seem like a lot of time to exercise? Maybe it’s not. Maybe healthy people spend that much time too? When I first started exercising it was to get a break from being the mother of two kids, two and under. So I stretched my time out at the gym as LONG as possible. It never occured to me that you could just dash in, do your 30 minutes on the tredmill, and dash out.

Pespective is everything. Curiouser and curiouser.